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Directions and parking

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The conference will take place in the Shanahan Teaching and Learning Building at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont. You can park along the south side of Foothill Blvd. between Dartmouth Ave. and Mills Ave. Use this address for cell phone driving directions:

320 E Foothill Blvd., Claremont.

From I-10, the best exit is Indian Hill.
From the 210, the best exit is Baseline (if you are coming from the east) or Towne Ave. (if you are coming from the west).


Tentative program available

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Southwest Regional Meeting of Organismal Biologists

Claremont, CA

October 21, 2017


8:00am Registration begins on south side of the Shanahan Ctr for Teaching and Learning (320 E. Foothill Blvd). Please hang posters in the Sky Cube on 3rd floor and upload talks for the morning sessions. A healthy continental breakfast will be available.


Session 1. Moderator: Anna Ahn

9:00-9:15am Opening remarks.

9:15-9:45 Plenary talk: Michael Dickinson, Caltech: Mark Twain and the celebrated diving flies of Mono County.

9:55-10:07 Allyn Nguyen, Cal Poly Pomona: Fatigue resistant muscles allow long-lasting courtship behavior in Southern Alligator Lizards (Elgaria multicarinata).

10:08-10:15 Alyssa Frederick, UC Irvine: Differential disease resistance patterns in abalone.

10:16-10:23 Pablo Garcia, Cal Poly Pomona: Cranial kinesis and bite force in lizards.

10:24-10:30  Glenna Clifton, UCSD: The SICB 2018 “What is a scientist?” outreach program.


10:30-11am Coffee break sponsored by Southern California Academy of Sciences                    


Session 2. Moderator: Stephen Adolph

11-11:07am Sandy Kawano, CSU Long Beach: Functional trade-offs in locomotor performance promote population differences in a Hawaiian waterfall-climbing fish.

11:08-11:15 Crystal Reynaga, UC Irvine: Effects of compliance on elastic energy storage in bullfrog plantaris muscle.

11:16-11:23 Chloe Chan, Harvey Mudd College: The biomechanics of running: effects of foot strike pattern, speed, and shod condition on the spring-mass model.

11:24-11:31 Jeffrey Olberding, UC Irvine: Scaling of joint kinetics in jumping frogs.

11:32-11:44 Michael Isaacs, UNLV: Does single stance increase walking cost?

11:45-11:52 Jordan Balaban, UC Irvine: Lizards amplify muscle power to maintain performance at low temperatures.

11:53-12:00 David Lee, UNLV: Are walking legs tuned for deflection?


noon-1pm Lunch in Platt Green Room; upload talks for afternoon sessions                                             


Session 3. Moderator: Lars Schmitz

1:10-1:17pm Catherine Loudon, UC Irvine: Blood feeding increases body temperature and running speed in the insect Rhodnius prolixus.

1:18-1:25 Samantha Leigh, UC Irvine: Omnivorous shark? Analysis of bonnethead shark (Sphyrna tiburo) digestive physiology provides evidence for seagrass digestion and assimilation.

1:26-1:33 Raj Bolla, CSU Fullerton: Self-cleaning biomimetic filters yield new Insights into manta ray feeding.

1:34-1:40 Michelle Herrera, UC Irvine: Dietary specialization in Prickleback Fishes (Family Stichaeidae): Transcriptomics

1:41-1:48 Joseph Heras, UC Irvine: The monkeyface prickleback (Cebidichthys violaceus) genome and transcriptomes as a source for understanding digestion and metabolism in an herbivorous fish.

1:49-1:56 Andrew Lowe, CSU Fullerton: Corydoras catfish armor: percent mineralization and imbrication.

1:57-2:05 Jessica M. Yamauchi, CSU Northridge: How does ontogeny affect changes in the gut microbiome of the American bullfrog?

2:06-2:13 Benjamin Perlman, UC Irvine: Kinematics of the prey strike by dragonfly larvae.

2:14-2:21 Caitlyn Catabay, UC Irvine: The lifelong effect of processed carbohydrates versus fiber in zebrafish.

2:22-2:29 Kevin Travis, CSU Long Beach. Structural contributions in the feeding mechanism of the largetooth cookie cutter shark (Isistius plutodus).


2:30-3pm Coffee break        


Session 4. Moderator: Jenna Monroy

3:00-3:07pm Nicole Danos, U San Diego: Effects of pregnancy on muscle-tendon function.

3:08-3:15 Evelyn Bond, CSU Fullerton: Fishy genitalia.

3:16-3:23 Vicky Zhuang, UC Riverside: Evolution of the lateral process of the astragalocalcaneum: examining a curious feature of the lizard ankle joint.

3:24-3:31 Nicolas Schwartz, UC Riverside: Effect of selection for high voluntary wheel running behavior on nutrient foramen abundance and size.

3:32-3:39 George Brusch, ASU: Internal source of metabolic substrates used for reproduction varies based on female hydration state: muscle as an internal water depot.

3:40-3:47 Brian Cohn, USC: Analytics for tendon-driven robotic limb endpoint force production.

3:48-4pm Ralph Albuquerque: UC Riverside: Geographical variation in reproductive cycle and clutch in two species of lizards from Northeast Brazil.


4-5:30pm Social and poster session in the Sky Cube, 3460 Shanahan


Poster Presentations: 

  1. Jeannette Bush, CSU Fullerton: Differential protein regulation in Coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) ovarian tissue.
  2. Karen Chisholm, Keck Science: Low retinal convergence in the nocturnal leopard gecko, Eublepharis macularius.
  3. Glenna Clifton, UC San Diego: The starts, stops, and zigzags of ant locomotion.
  4. Christian Garia, CSU Fullerton: A preliminary investigation: comparative morphology of rockfish urogenital papilla.
  5. Itzel Gutierrez, CSU Long Beach: Myosin heavy chain isoforms in the heart and pectoralis of avian species.
  6. Maureen Kelley, CSU Fullerton: Determining zygosity in Sauromalus ater (=obesus) twins.
  7. Nicole Lopez, Correlated evolution of antlers and tusks in cervids.
  8. Brandon Miura, USC: Inducing limb posture and manipulating muscle forces in robotic and cadaveric specimens.
  9. Emily Rockhill & Alfredo Reyes-Guzman, Pomona College: Nitrogen excretion during marsupial development in a terrestrial isopod.
  10. Sara Siwiecki, Chapman University: Swelling mechanisms: electrical charge of mucin vesicles in hagfish slime.
  11. Kathy Vo: Effects of mammalian aposematic pattern variation on predator response.
  12. Amanda Wen, Keck Science: Evolution of visual acuity and trophic specialization in labrid and pomacentrid coral reef fishes.
  13. Emma Whiteley, Chapman University: Pacific hagfish anesthesia.
  14. Jonathan Wright & Zechariah Harris, Pomona College: Aerial and aquatic metabolism in littoral isopod crustaceans.
  15. Stacey Zuppa, Chapman University: Kinematic analysis of burrowing in hagfishes.


Event sponsored by Harvey Mudd College, Keck Science Department, SICB (Division of Comparative Biomechanics, Division of Phylogenetics and Comparative Biology, Division of Vertebrate Morphology), Southern California Academy of Science, and Michael Dickinson.


Registration is open!

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We are excited to let you know that registration is now open. Please fill out this brief form: SWOB2017 Registration.

The meeting is sponsored by Harvey Mudd College, the W.M. Keck Science Department, and the SICB Divisions of Comparative Biomechanics, Phylogenetics and Comparative Biology, and Vertebrate Morphology (many thanks for the support!).

Meeting Venue

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We are excited to introduce the R. Michael Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning (Harvey Mudd College) as the 2017 meeting venue. Check out this beautiful facility in this video.

We will use the Sky Cube of the Shanahan Center for social events and poster presentations. (image: HMC)

SWOB returns!

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Save the date! This year’s SICB SWOB regional meeting will be held at the Claremont Colleges on Saturday, 21 October 2017. The plenary speaker will be Michael Dickinson of Caltech who will talk about fly flight.

Please send us any names/email addresses to add to last year’s list (or if you want to be removed). Also feel free to send us any suggestions for the meeting itself. For example, we hope to have a kids’ room where kids can play while parents watch talks and “meet.”

Be on the lookout for registration details.

We look forward to having you visit Claremont in October!

Jenna Monroy (Keck Science Dept,,
Lars Schmitz (Keck Science Dept,,
Steve Adolph (Harvey Mudd College,, and
Anna Ahn (Harvey Mudd College,