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SWOB 2018 Schedule

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7th Annual Southwest Regional Meeting of Organismal Biologists

CSU San Marcos, November 10, 2018


8:00am                     Registration begins at the University Student Union. Hang posters, upload talks for the morning sessions. A continental breakfast will be available.


Session 1. Moderator: Devin Jindrich

9:00-9:15am          Opening remarks

9:15-10:15              Plenary talk: Robert J. Full, U.C. Berkeley. Biodesign: Using Diversity to Understand Nature, Transform Education, and Invent the Future.


10:15-25am            Faculty Introductions.

10:25-11am            Coffee break and breakout / poster session 1.                                  


Session 2. Moderator: Diego Sustaita

11-11:10am            Beck Wehrle, UC Irvine. Quickly Becoming an Omnivorous Lizard: interactions of diet, physiology, and ecology lead to dynamic changes in a rapidly evolving system.

11:12-11:22            Bree Putman, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Anthropophobia and lizard responses to urbanization in Southern California.

11:24-11:34            George Brusch, ASU. A mechanistic approach to understanding the relationship between dehydration and enhanced immune function.

11:36-11:46            Hannah Walker, California State University, Long Beach. Ecological causes of intraspecific variation in the aposematic patterning of the striped skunk Mephitis mephitis.

11:48-11:53            Adrien A. Arias, UC Irvine. 3D kinetics and kinematics of crocodilian limbs during walking.


Noon-1:00 pm       Lunch. Upload talks for afternoon sessions.                                       


Session 3. Moderator: Devin Jindrich

1:08-1:18pm          Arun Sethuraman, CSU San Marcos. Model based assessment of differential migration and linked selection during speciation in the genomes of eight animal species pairs.

1:20-1:30                 Meaghan Clark, CSU Northridge. Fly away home: Is there genetic connectivity between breeding colonies of storm petrels?

1:32-1:42                 Hannah Rabitoy, UC Riverside. Evolution of the pectoral and pelvic girdles in mice selectively bred for high voluntary wheel-running behavior.

1:44-1:54                 Hannes Schraft, San Diego State / UCD. Sensory basis of rattlesnake navigation.

1:55-2:06                 Cassidy Cooper, CSU San Marcos. Oxygen Consumption and Thermal Tolerance of Amazonian Tetras Paracheirodon inessi and Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi Acclimated to Increased Temperatures and Implications of Climate Change.

2:08-2:18                 Marlee Poff, CSU San Bernardino. The role of the rostral concha to respiratory heat exchange in the domestic chicken.

2:20-2:30                 Christopher Melendez, CSU San Marcos. Critical windows in rainbow trout embryos: Effects of thermal shifts on survival, growth and oxygen consumption.


20:30-40pm            Faculty Introductions.

2:40-3:15pm          Coffee break and breakout / poster session 2.


Session 4. Moderator: Diego Sustaita.

3:15-3:25pm          Glenna Clifton, UC San Diego. When the ants go marching on rough ground they slow down. 8,000 videos show why.

3:27-3:37                 Ivo Ros, Caltech. Steering to navigate in flies.

3:39-3:49                 Jessica Tingle, UC Riverside. Scaling of morphology and locomotion in sidewinder rattlesnakes.

3:51-4:01                 Pablo Garcia, Cal Poly Pomona. Effects of bite out-lever and gape angle on bite-force performance in the brown anole (Anolis sagrei).

4:03-4:08                 Elizabeth Mendoza, UC Irvine. The diversity and evolution of jumping power in anurans.

4:10-4:15                 Jeffrey Olberding, UCI. Morphology and Performance of Mechanical Advantage Latching Mechanisms.

4:17-4:22                 Alex Duman, UC Irvine. SPLAT: How substrate compliance influences landing in cane toads.

4:22-4:34                 Charlene McCord, Chapman U. Diverse locomotor behavior of Atlantic hagfish (Myxine glutinosa).

4:36-4:41                 Diego Sustaita, CSU San Marcos. A tale of two mice: morphology meets locomotor performance… meets management.

4:43-4:48                 Devin Jindrich, CSU San Marcos. Reasoned Writing / A Framework for Scientific Papers: online modules for scientific reasoning and communication.


4:50-5:00pm          Goodbyes.

5:30pm–8pm         Dinner and drinks at Urge:


Poster Presentations:


  1. Megan Lee and Nicole Danos, University of San Diego. Effects of pregnancy on Achilles tendon mechanical properties.
  2. John Eme, CSU San Marcos. Scaling of Major Organs in Hatchling Female American Alligators (Alligator mississippiensis).
  3. George Brusch, ASU. Dehydration during egg production alters egg composition and yolk immune function.
  4. Max Amaya, CSU Long Beach. Distribution and Behavior Patterns of Mammalian Carnivores Across an Urban-to-Rural Landscape Gradient.
  5. Lizbeth Jardon, CSU Long Beach. Comparison of Feeding Morphology Between Urban and Rural Coyote Populations.
  6. Sarah Handy, Jon Arnette and Maria Ceja, CSU San Bernardino. Skin and Bones, or Just Skin?
  7. Sara Siwiecki, Chapman U. Ion-dependent swelling of mucin vesicles from Pacific hagfish slime.
  8. Lindsey Korito, CSU San Marcos. Analysis of latitudinal variation in developmental responses to temperature in four populations of the copepod Tigriopus californicus.
  9. Yesenia Mora, CSU San Marcos. Analysis of Loggerhead Shrike Wing-Flashing Movements During Hunting.
  10. Karina Vega, CSU San Bernardino. Truth or Tall Tale: The Caudofemoralis Longus Muscle as a Primary Driver for Crocodilian Propulsion.
  11. Miles Valencia, CSU Long Beach. Biomechanical comparisons of forelimb function in walking semi-aquatic and terrestrial salamanders.
  12. Jaden Clark, Claremont High School. Are Sidewinder Kinematics a Function of Substrate?
  13. Lauren Friend, Chapman University. The Locomotion of Pacific Hagfish.
  14. Nicole Lopez. Correlated Evolution of Tusks and Antlers in Ungulates.
  15. Jonathon Moore Tupas, CSU Long Beach. Brains Vs. Brawn: Investigating the Energetic Trade-off of Sexual Weaponry and Encephalization.
  16. Gwendalyn Wulf, CSU San Marcos. Population genetics of Loggerhead Shrikes in California.
  17. Adrian Ruiz, CSU San Marcos. Seasonal variation in avian biodiversity across a 15 year period in the San Elijo Lagoon, California.


Special thanks for sponsorship from CSU San Marcos Office of Graduate Studies and Research, Wesley Schultz, Dean Kantardjieff and Linda Collins of the College of Science and Mathematics, CSUSM Biology Department, CSUSM Kinesiology Department, SICB (Divisions of Comparative Biomechanics, Phylogenetics and Comparative Biology, and Vertebrate Morphology), Jo Ann Espinoza (CSUSM Kinesiology), and Robert J. Full.





SWOB 2018, 10 November, San Marcos, CA

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SWOB Registration Information

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The 2018 Southwest Regional Meeting of SICB (SWOB) will be held on Saturday, November 10 at California State University, San Marcos. Our aim is to provide an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for students, faculty, and postdocs to discuss research through short (5-10 minute) talks, posters, and informal discussion.


Please use this Google form to register for the 2018 regional SICB meeting by October 24th, 2018.

Plenary Speaker

This year, our plenary speaker will be Dr. Robert Full, Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.


The regional meeting will be held in the University Student Union (USU). Parking will be available in Parking Structure 1 adjacent to the USU. We will have parking passes waiting for you at registration.

Your talk

In the Google form, you will be able to supply a talk title and 3-5 keywords for your talk. Please submit your talk information by Wednesday, October 24, 2018 to be included in the program.

Because SWOB is a locally-organized meeting, it’s important for planning to get a rough gauge of interest, so please register as soon as possible.

We really hope you can make it, and look forward to seeing you!

Devin and Diego